A Bit About Bit

Let me start by saying I’ve never done a blog before. I’m not much of a “look-at-me” kind of person so the thought of people reading and critiquing my personal thoughts scares the shiz-nit out of me. I thought about researching blogs prior to popping this baby up but then decided, hell… let’s try something crazy here and speak from the heart. I didn’t want an outside influence or cookie-cutter outline of what a blog should or should not be, so excuse my run on sentences, love of parentheses (just imagine my smart-ass side saying everything within them), and occasional curse word (I try, really, I do).

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I love to travel. For reasons I’ll get into later, I decided to pack up my bags and move to Alaska at the ripe age of 22. Since then I have either lived or worked in Florida, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Alabama, and Virginia. I have journeyed through Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua… to name a few. Along the way I have learned valuable lessons about how to travel, where to travel, and what to travel with. I may not be rich, but if I’ve got enough money in my bank account to go somewhere new… I’m a happy camper (or hotelier).

Traveling may get me around the world, but it doesn’t keep me alive. A little over a year ago I looked in the mirror and hated the person looking back at me, so I set out to lose 35 pounds – and did. Since then I have explored many areas of fitness and nutrition that have put me on a great path to a healthy and chemical-free life. It’s a journey that started a short time ago but is an art I learn more about every single day. I can happily say I am a yoga enthusiast, outdoor advocate, and health conscious cook looking to spend as much time beautifying the inside of me as I do the outside. Foundation can cover up a blemish but it can’t fix a heart attack, people.

Where does the “bit” come from, you ask? My dad has always called me his little Bit-O-Honey and with half the world also having the name Brittney (Brittany, Britney, Brittani, Britteny…), it kind of stuck. I must say it fits me well. I’m a little crazy, a little kind, a little indecisive, a little smartass…  and 100% adventurous.

The Watercolor Wanderer is about living a balanced, fulfilling life. It’s about being heard through my actions in a world full of loud talkers and feet stompers. I don’t believe in coloring in the lines and don’t always see things in black and white. If you ask me, those white picket fences everyone has up could use a bit of color 🙂

(And yes, this is copied from my original post, A Little Color Never Hurt)

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