The Wallet Workout

Let’s face it ladies, salads suck. And the gym is no peach either. So what’s the key to an exercise regiment that doesn’t drive you to eat chocolate in a corner while no one’s looking? To me, it was finding activities I genuinely enjoyed. I did hit the gym a few times a week when I felt extra motivated, but in an attempt to stay active and healthy the rest of the week I filled in my days with yoga, biking, and hiking. And although I love all of those activities, I don’t love the price tag that comes along with the gear it takes to partake in them.

I’ll admit I have a problem, and that problem is Groupon. I searched high and low for active gear that didn’t break the bank. My immediate struggle was leggings (I haven’t even begun the journey to sports bras), but if I tried to purchase them off an online merchandiser or sports store, I’d end up paying upwards of $80 for a single pair. Um, no. After losing that battle, I ventured out to TJ Maxx with high hopes and although I did have a little more luck, I still found myself wanting more than plain black pants (the struggle is real). And then I found it – Groupon to the rescue! I was super skeptical to begin with because let’s face it, it’s Groupon. How could I possibly get a good pair of leggings for 1/3 of the price? Well, let me introduce you to my recent purchases (hide your credit cards, fellas).

Capezio Women’s Coolmax Reborn Stirrup Fashion Legging
Ladies, these are no friggin’ joke. Capezio is a dance wear company (that I am now obsessed with) that makes active wear for the ladies. Typically these leggings retail for about $50 each, (after getting a pair I would totally pay retail), but they are on Groupon RIGHT NOW for only $13.99. No. Joke. I always get really, really excited when a new pair of leggings comes in (it’s the little things), so when I saw that these babies were just put in my mailbox, I sprinted outside (the only time I actually enjoy running). As I sit here blogging in the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn, I must say these are the, and possibly .org. I have a weak spot for blue, so I went with the Pacific Blue in size small (I’m a size 2 typically, sometimes 4). The fabric feels like a a baby goat is hugging me and the stirrups at the bottom make me feel like I could dance on Broadway. It starts with a solid beautiful blue at the top of the pants and cascades down to a pattern at the bottom that extenuates the legs to make them seem taller and slimmer. And don’t even get me started on the secret inner pocket on the waistline (my weakness). The only struggle with these leggings is that I’m having to talk myself out of purchasing another pair…

Marika’s Women’s Active Capri Leggings
After my first Yogi discovery on Groupon, I’m hooked. I started off by purchasing 3 different pair of leggings that all happen to be by Marika (see photos below) and after LOVING them all, I just can’t stop. Good news for me, they just posted another pair to Groupon from their Balance Collection that are less than a Jackson ($20 to all those historically disadvantaged)! Get them while the gettin’ is good, ladies! The fabric is soft, their designs are unique (boo black), and they all have the secret waistline pocket that makes them perfect for running or working out somewhere other than the gym (great for storing your keys while trail running). And with a retail sticker of about $50 each for these bad boys, you almost have to buy them while you can!

Although I’m pretty set on Groupon, I have had luck elsewhere every now and again. TJ Maxx seems to have good deals on workout gear. I frequent there every time I need a new yoga mat (because I always need a new yoga mat), free weights, workout gloves, water bottle… you get the point. They also carry some pretty unique items like yoga socks for my slippery footed friends out there. And although the leggings aren’t quite up to par, the sports tops are on point. I’ve purchased several Nike shirts and other name brand tops that are super cute (and functional) for way below retail.

Surprisingly enough, Old Navy has come through more than once with a great pair of colorful, comfortable leggings at an affordable price. Their clothes seem to run a bit smaller than most, but are very durable and well made. Keep an eye on their outlet stores and seasonal sales for the real deals!

For my pre-workout (a must have for me), Amazon is THE place to go. GNC and other vitamin shops are almost double the price for half the amount. Pre-workout is a creature in itself, so I’d definitely suggest doing some research and purchasing smaller portions before committing to a bulk amount (I see a future blog post in the making).

Getting in shape is commitment enough, you surely don’t need to spend half your paycheck before even stepping foot in a gym. It sounds tedious, but if you put just a little but of time into doing some research, you’ll see results not only in your physique, but in your pocketbook as well.

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